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Large quantities of petroleum on the Norwegian continental shelf cannot be recovered profitably today. That includes immobile oil and resources in tight reservoirs. Qualifying and adopting new technology could make producing part of these assets Commercial.

  • Enhanced recovery methods could
    yield up to 860 million scm of extra oil

  • Large oil and gas deposits are to
    be found in tight reservoirs

Technical resources are the quantities which could potentially be recovered with technology which has yet to be tested or qualified for use on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). Further research and testing which allow such solutions to be adopted is important. This work must done in time to ensure that possible profitable resources are not lost

Large EOR potential on the biggest fields

A big technical potential exists for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). This is estimated at 320-860 million scm in a study commissioned by the NPD and covering the 27 largest oil fields. Testing, qualifying and applying new and improved recovery methods is important for realising the potential


Large oil and gas deposits in tight reservoirs

Substantial deposits of oil and gas are contained in tight reservoirs in various parts of the NCS. Such resources are challenging to produce. Developing and adopting new technology on the NCS could make recovering them profitable.


The Norwegian model, with a high level of knowledge and information sharing between different players, makes an important contribution to innovation in the petroleum industry

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Today’s technology and production forecasts are a result of operator companies, suppliers, research institutions and government agencies joining forces to overcome both technical and financial Challenges.

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